Toxin Free DIY Wipes

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What is your focus?

When problems arise what is your strategy? When you focus on solutions and not the issue, its amazing how creative you can be and it helps relieve fear and anxiety. Plus you get great satisfaction from being a solution seeker. The next time you are faced with a challenge give it a try.

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Pain Is Real - But So Is Hope

No one or no situation is hopeless but it sure does feel that way sometimes. I want to encourage YOU that if you are going through something right now, this too shall pass. I always talk about how oils support emotions and they do! Sometimes emotional pain is a signal that something needs to be addressed, released or pruned off. I believe these things surface in the Spring. Just as we clean out our homes we can do an inventory of the emotional junk that needs to go that’s at the root.
My prayer

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Animals & Essential Oils

With the recent social media posts regarding essential oil use and pets, please read this article written by a vet that may address your concerns.

"Cats would be dropping over dead all over the world, if essential oils were truly as toxic as those reports imply. With the amazing amount of essential oil use in households containing all sorts of animals, I am impressed at the level of safety actually witnessed. Just like with the phenol research, it will matter what quality of essential oil is used. I do not think that synthetics or altered essential oils should be in the same category at all with true and natural essential oils."

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Savvy Makeup Kits are here!

No animal testing and no harmful toxins, this makeup goes on easy with perfect coverage. There are 4 kits available, includes a bottle of lavender, and when you order the Savvy Kit, it provides wholesale privileges for a lifetime. Ask me for details and I can help you get yours.

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